Furniture Culture

Innovation Project 2020
Internationalization Project

Having been established in the market for over 40 years, the company Apacheco – Industria de Mobiliário, headquartered in Paços de Ferreira – Capital do Móvel, has as main target to become one of the main companies in the internal and international furniture markets, especially in the areas of classic, neoclassic and contemporary furniture.
Over the last few years we have made a strong bet in modernizing our company, offering our clients the best solutions with the highest quality, from a 2,000m2 production area, providing those who visit us with a personalized service, giving them detailed knowledge of our fabrication excellence and internal quality.
Taking into account the current economic situation the world lives in, as well as the principles of the global economy, change and innovation are critical to our company’s survival. With this in mind we adopted the philosophy of looking into the future, anticipating the needs and demands from the market, so we can steer our company in symbiosis with our client’s interests.

We believe in the excellence of our services, taking as guidelines values such as quality, trust and efficiency. Everything we do is driven by an unshakable passion for excellence and quality: quality in furniture production with qualified human resources, excellence through product fabrication using certified raw materials.



We have been striving to diversify our business areas, offering our clients the best solutions with the highest quality. We seek to integrate ourselves into this ever more competitive market through design and optimization of our technical and technological resources, betting in our product’s qualification and diversification, offering a standard furniture line for the professional trader.
Through our business partners we are represented in several countries, putting a greater emphasis on exporting our products. We want to continue increasing and dedicating our talent and technology to commercializing products and services throughout the world. Contact us and be one of our partners.


We offer a range of products capable of supporting the architectural and interior design project development, tailor made for each client, guaranteeing unification, comfort and quality. An interventionist accompaniment to each space’s measures and needs being ever more common in each project, our company has established some partnerships in projects such as hotels, restaurants, ateliers, among others.
Bring us your ideas, we will develop a project, produced specifically for you.